Come with me tomorrow
Stay with me today
The world is getting older
And I’ve got no place to stay
I’ve been promised a land of my own
Where I could grow wheat and corn
But all I’ve got in my hands
Is this promise of this old man

Oh Zimbabwe
You gave me a heart and you gave me a home
A place in the world I could call my own
But you cheated me mean
And you gave me a dope
You betrayed all my dreams
And you stole away my hope

Are you still my brother?
Did you become my foe?
We're born of the same mother
Why is it no longer so?
We’ve been promised a future for too long
Now we’ve lost both dance and song
Our country's dying in free fall
The writing is on the wall

Oh Zimbabwe ...

When I was young everything was so simple and right
It was good against bad, the Blacks against the Whites
We believed in a cause for which it was worth to fight
But all of a sudden this day has turned to night
I no longer know who is wrong and who is right
I am stumbling on because I’m ordered to fight.

Come with me today
Stay with me tomorrow
Share with me my way
Then share with me my sorrow
A fear is growing in me
That there's nothing left to be
Sunset on a dying land
Our future drowning in the sand

Oh Zimbabwe ...

Copyright © 2000 by Hans-Jürgen Friedrich