The Room

The rain pours down
On a dark and narrow road
As I lean out the window
To catch a breath of air

The shadow of a solitary man
In the light of a street lamp
Deep in his coat, vanishing in the night
As if he had never been there

I close the shutters to the world outside
Turn to the room where a candle burns inside
Stillness echoes from the bars and naked walls
A square box with two beds, narrow and small

A faceless room
In a nameless hotel
Where rumours bloom
And there are stories to tell

I start to wonder about the guests before
Were they passionate lovers down the core
Who filled the drearyness with lusty sighs
Midnight to daylight in a frantic mood
And the time too quickly went by

Were they lonesome and all alone
In a strange unknown world far away from home
The thoughts with their loved ones wishing they were here
Finding only a fitful sleep after a couple of beers

Were they dubious elements inclined to a crime
Or joyful at cards idly passing the time
Stories of tragedies, of love and of hate
All in this room, and they will ever fade

Past midnight it is, in the small hours of night
The flickering candle casts a gloomy light
My thoughts find their way to a tired and weary rest
Another story added to the thoughts of another guest