October Gold

The mists of morning hide the rising sun
The days get shorter and with every minute run
The memory of summer fades away
The autumn colors mark the day
But still a scene of endless grace
Of harmony in time and space
The worldly stage so lovely to behold
Dressed to the nines in sweet October Gold

And on this stage I walk the miles
Life is so good, life is all smiles
How can there ever be a doubt
How can a voice shout out loud
It is not so it is not fair
There is not sunshine everywhere
When all the stories often told
Do always praise October Gold

The air is colder now
The sky is bluer now
People reap the harvest they have sown

Today the clouds darken my sky
The stormy winds I hear them cry
And rain that covers the brightest light
Behind a curtain black as night
The cosy promises stripped bare
Illusion shattered and I'm aware
It's just a fairy story often told
There's no such thing, October Gold

Copyright © 2004 (15.10.2004) by Hans-Jürgen Friedrich