Night meets Day

Carry me home, Carry me home
I don't want to be here on my own
It's so much easier for me
To shed my tears with you
You're all I want to see
I all belong to you

Sometimes when I journey all alone
To the hidden places of the mind
I'm not prepared at all
To leave it all behind
If not for you I'd be blown and fall
Thank you for carrying me home

And suddenly the light
On a horizon bright
Fades away
Night meets Day

Thank you for carrying me home
You pour me love
You give me hope to drink
You give me confidence and strength
And courage for tomorrow
For tomorrow is as long as I still think

All of a sudden all my dreams are shattered
In the end it's only love that matters.

Copyright © 2005/04/18 by Hans-Jürgen Friedrich
In memoriam Thomas Freckmann